Our company is one of the professional company making hats,With the worker400More than,Cover an area of an area10000Square meters,The branch with the worker200More than one,Strong technical force,Has the advanced sewing、Finalize the design、The hot、Embroidery and other supporting facilities,Products are exported to the americas、Europe、Africa、Dozens of countries and regions such as southeast Asia can produce high-grade sports cap、Leisure cap、Advertising caps、The fashion hat、Children's hat、Baseball cap、Sun hat、Fishing cap etc series products,And equipped with advanced computer plate-making system,Can receive the domestic and foreign merchants of all sorts of pattern processing customized business。

My company is located in Qingdao port industrial park before producing soft container bags.for shop,The branch is located in the Qingdao producing soft container bags.for north commissioner industrial park with convenient transportation。Welcome people from all walks of life both at home and abroad to our company to guidance,Business negotiations。

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Qingdao and qi hatting co., LTD

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